Wreck N' Roll

by Decap Attak

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released October 10, 2012

Recorded, Mixed, & Mastered by Dan O'Hare at Mark-It-Zero Music



all rights reserved


Decap Attak Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

We're Decap Attak, we come to steal your women, drink your booze, and melt your fuckin' brain.

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Track Name: Pulverized
Mangled corpses strewn about for all that live to see
mounds of putrid flesh fulfill my horrid ecstasy
ferment in a blistering heat the stench of curdled dead
boiling eyes no one survives, my happiness your dread

Hungry rabid wolf and you will all die by my hand
rip right through your lives all that you know barren wasteland
feel a pulsing surge of evil, see my deviltry
I will drag you to your tombs and revel in your screams.
Track Name: Blood Gurgled Screams
Maggot ridden cold dead flesh
rising from the grave
living breathing nightmare wretch
by bloodlust they’re enslaved

Teeth tear through your fuckin’ throat
hors d'oeuvres of your eyes
corpses carnage, massacre
when death eats you alive

Intestines are clawed exposed
smell of your own guts
dismembered by friends turned foe
the undead start to munch

Eyes open but heart beats ceased
crave blood gurgled screams
hungry for fresh human meat
you join the zombie feast.

Fuckin’ Hell!
Track Name: Barbaric Annihilator
Blood mad and rabid, foam at my mouth
craving the smell of your guts
ripping out flesh with my teeth from your necks
hooks through disease ridden cunts

Heaps of cadavers rot at my feet
pulsating piles of gore
none will escape from my cruel butchery
barbaric annihilator

A bloodthirsty savage I scour the streets
horror to all those alive
putrefied heads lay await for a feast
maggots fill sockets once eyes

Pleading and shrieking, you scream for mercy
pathetic puss bucket worms
revenge on the world who created this beast
barbaric annihilator.
Track Name: One For The Ladies...
Stalking through the graveyard
hunger in my loins
penetrating putrid flesh and tasting rotten groins

Digging up cadavers
fills me full of glee
and maggots from their puss filled cunts are crunching in my teeth

Morbid lust for corpses
soft and cold dead meat
running rampant like a rabid dog in fuckin’ heat

Fetid death aroma
rancid fantasy
impregnating bodies of the recently deceased.
Track Name: Carnal Motherfucker
Rip right off that clothin’ baby
drool runs down my chin
snarlin’ like a hungry dog for
penetrative sin

Savage groans and banshee moans
we sweat it out all night
clawed back flesh and bitten necks
carnality takes flight

I’m a carnal!
I’m a carnal!

Head between your legs now honey
booze upon my breath
tremblin’ like a motor as my
tongue fills in that slit

Heartbeat racin’, boilin’ blood
eroticistic beasts
red hot burnin’ flesh at night
bask in primal glee.

I’m a carnal!
I’m a carnal!
Track Name: Black Sun, Red Moon
I am mangy bastard dog
blood red moon I howl
cold dead gaze of apathy
‘neath a troubled brow
(face a twisted scowl)

Black heart monster butchery
midnight death lust prowl
life that craves carnality
feed my hungry growl…

Blackened, cold dead heart
darkness breeds inside of me
hungry, savage eyes
as evil pumps into my veins
madman, feel nothing
sea of corpses flood my sight
sorrow, fills my lungs
in every breath lives endless night.
Track Name: Hungry Wolf
Rip through the corpses, tare off their flesh
savage behind hungry eyes
chew up the meat as it rots on my breath
the wolf king is reigning tonight

Merciless bastard I shatter their skulls
beware of this blood soaking grin
maniacal laughter the sound of your death
pure evil unleashed from within

Lurking in shadows I’m stalking the night
the taste of the dead on my tongue
feel a warm breath on the back of your neck
your tomb what my stomach becomes

I am the reaper, I am revenge
I am the cold hand of doom
I glutton and gut human prey that I hunt
and all life in my sight I consume.
Track Name: Wreck N' Roll
Boilin’ blood inside your veins and fire in your eyes
shaken with adrenaline the thrill runs down your spine
6 string bitch inside you grip the sculpture of your sin
crash and burn there’s no return your face an evil grin

Fast and loud out in the crowd they lose their fuckin’ minds
smell of sweat and blood and booze just makes you feel alive
rabid madmen mosh just like tomorrow they’ll be dead
Decap Attak is on the loose so bang your fuckin’ head.